Malta - prices, attractions
For centuries, the Maltese archipelago passed between the North African Moors and the European crusaders in an epic struggle for control of this important center. This constant flip side has created a unique culture that combines architectural, culinary and cultural styles (in fact, the Maltese language is a mixture of Arabic and Italian), which is not found anywhere, but perhaps southern Spain. Now the country is less attractive to people with the entire area of ​​the conquest-empire and more with its warm summer temperatures, pristine beaches, clean Mediterranean water, plentiful hikes, friendly locals and cheap prices. Although I did not spend as much time as I wanted in Malta, I spent enough (literally and figuratively) to understand how to travel around the country on a budget. Fortunately, the country is already very convenient for the budget (this is one of the cheapest countries in the Eurozone), so you do not need to start a lot. Even though I was on vacation and was not as budgetary as I wanted, I still never spent a lot of money. My most expensive day cost me 70 euros (74 US dollars), and this is because I rented a car! Even when I watched my wallet, I never once felt that I was disappearing.

How to get to Malta?

While most European carriers operate seasonal flights, not many airlines fly to Malta year-round. Ryanair, Air Malta, Easyjet, and Lufthansa are the largest carriers that serve the island all year round. One-way flights from the mainland cost between 50-100 euros (USD 53-106), especially if you book in advance. You can also take a ferry to/from Sicily; it is 2.5 hours and costs 61-127 euros ($ 65-135 US dollars) in each direction (depending on the season).

Malta Vacation Costs

Malta is cheap. While I went in the middle of winter - without a seasonal increase in prices for accommodation, car rental, and flights - many friends told me that most of the prices for food, events and public transport remained unchanged throughout the year. Here is a list of typical costs in the country:

*Ferry to Valletta from Sliema: Single: 1.50 EUR ($ 1.60 USD), Return: 2.80 EUR ($ 2.95 USD)
*Ferry from Malta to Gozo: Pedestrian: 4.65 EUR (USD 5), Car and driver: 15 EUR (USD 16)

Pastizzi (cheap snack): 1-2 EUR ($ 1-2.10 USD)
Sandwich with breakfast: 3-4 euros ($ 3.15-4.25 USD)
Full breakfast: 8-9 euros ($ 8.50-9.50 USD)

*Lunch at the cafe: 8-10 euros ($ 8.50-10.50 USD)
*McDonald’s meal price: 5-6 euros ($ 5.25-6.50 USD)
*Sandwich: 6 EUR ($ 6.50 USD)

*Good dinner in a restaurant with wine: 25 euros ($ 27 USD)
*Main dishes: 10-14 euros (11-15 US dollars)
*Main dishes: 10-14 euros (11-15 US dollars)
*Bottle of water: 1 EUR ($ 1 USD)
*Bottle of wine: 8-10 euros ($ 8.50-10.50 USD)
*Beer: $ 3 ($ 3.15 USD)
*Entrance to the Museum: 6 EUR ($ 6.50 USD)
*Car rental: 38-48 EUR ($ 40-50 USD)

*Taxi Prices: 10-20 Euro ($ 10.50-21 USD)
Public bus ticket: 2 euros (USD 2.10)

On average, you can visit Malta for 30-45 euros ($ 32-48 US dollars) per day, although in the summer I would say that you need to choose a budget of up to 50 EUR (USD 53). For this price, you are looking at staying in a dormitory or sharing an Airbnb with a friend, using public transportation, mostly with free activities, making breakfast and eating in cheap cafes.

How to save money in Malta

There are several hostels on the islands, hostel prices start at 9 euros ($ 9.50) per night (although prices double in peak summer). Airbnb is ridiculously cheap - I found a whole house for 35 EUR (USD 37) per night. Most budget hotels cost 40 euros (USD 42.50), so I will stick with Airbnb or a hostel to stay. However, as in dormitories, the price of places more than doubles exceeds 80 euros (84 US dollars) per day in summer; budget hotels cost around 40-60 euros (USD 42-63) in summer. To save money on housing, travel in the offseason and stay in dormitories or split Airbnb divisions with friends. You can use to search for good B & Bs, as they have a reliable listing.

How to make money on vacation?

Food and Drinks in Malta

Food prices are relatively inexpensive, although you will find higher prices in tourist areas such as Valletta, St. Julian's, the Sliema promenade and Marsaxlokk.

To save money on food, stick to pastizzi (savory pastries) for 1-2 euros (1-2-10 US dollars), eat in a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the country (see list below), avoid snacks, and cook as many dishes as possible (breakfast will see the biggest victories).

How to save money?

Transport in Malta

There are three ways to get around the island: buses, taxis and car rental. Buses cost 1.50-2 euros (1.60-2.10 US dollars) for a two-hour ticket or 21 euros (22 US dollars) for a weekly pass, and the cost of car rental is 39 euros (41 US dollars) per day (in summer they begin to approach 50 euros or 53 US dollars per day). There are several local rental companies, but I used Hertz since it was close to my Airbnb. Many of the local car companies do not take credit cards and do not require cash deposits. Moving with larger companies adds another layer of security.

A taxi costs 10-20 euros (USD 11-21); while they are not perfect, they can be ordered in advance through Whatsapp, and this is a good last-minute option if you are stuck because the bus does not appear. It is one thing to note buses that they are infrequent so that they quickly fill up. We took one bus, only to stretch it, toss everyone out and put us all on another bus, after which we waited 20 minutes to move. This is a crazy system, and in the summer months, when the rush of the crowd, expect a long wait. Do not be in a hurry if you use the bus!

The most necessary things

Events in Malta

When the weather is nice, there are tons of free activities like going to the beach, hiking, swimming, and just walking. Also, all churches are free. You will find many companies that will take you around the island by boat for 25 euros (27 US dollars). Most museums and attractions cost 5 EUR (USD 5.25), but you can get a tourist map of Malta (there is one for Mdina and a separate one for Valletta), which will save you 10-20 euros (USD 10.50-21) in depending on how many attractions you squeeze.

On a side note, I found the main tourist center in Valletta useless. The staff could not answer many of my questions. In the smaller, unofficial places where the Sliema promenade subsided, there was more information about car rental, activities, and prices.

Recommended bars and restaurants in Malta

Restaurants: Rising Sun (Mdina), Loli (vegetarian), Herb Burg (vegan/vegetarian), Marsaxlokk Fish Market, Suruchi, Ta Doni, Cuba, Roxalt, Ta Ricardo (Gozo), Electro Lobster project.

Bars: Hole on the wall (Sliema), Native (and any bar on this street, as this is the main center of nightlife), Dublin, Legligin, Thirsty hairdresser****

Easy to visit Malta on a budget. I was shocked at how cheap this place is. Even with the summer increase in accommodation and tour prices, Malta remains an affordable country. Now I have been to all countries of the Eurozone, and I must say that Malta is one of the best, if not the best. When you combine it with warm weather, amazing landscapes, historic cities, and incredible beaches, Malta, because it is one of the best places to visit in Europe if you want to save money. It seems that all those British pensioners still had something to then!