Universities & Institutes of Malta
1.American university": AMU.

Universities & Institutes of Malta

The American University of Malta is a private American university of liberal arts that is dedicated to higher education and research at the highest international standards. Our curricula, research activities, and community services change lives and serve companies by educating, generating knowledge and giving the knowledge to work in a global environment.


There is a myriad of learning opportunities offered by many schools and universities around the world: after graduation, you can earn a degree as a certified specialist or obtain various certificates, attend only individual courses, or choose a program that will lead you to a degree. Different studies serve different objectives: sometimes the goal is to overcome the transition between different degrees of study, sometimes the main goal is to acquire expertise and qualifications. All types of study are offered in a plethora of fields of study and if a student chooses an option, he or she always acquire new, valuable professional and personal skills.

Higher professional education.

There are several types of advanced vocational studies that differ in focus and degree: a qualified specialist in arts, natural sciences, and applied sciences. Students choose tertiary professional education for various reasons. sometimes the goal is to overcome the transition between different degrees of study, sometimes the main goal is to acquire professional knowledge and the required qualifications. There are many fields of study in the field of arts, natural sciences, and many others. 

Available Courses:

!.Online courses.

An online certificate is a great way for students to improve their education. Each year thousands of students choose to pursue this type of program, which may be available in a variety of areas. So what is an online certificate? This type of program allows students to acquire qualifications in a particular area without spending the time required for traditional education.

!Online bachelor.

.Online bachelor's degree programs are designed for people who cannot stand full-time students, be it for family, work or other obligations. With an online undergraduate, students have the opportunity to create their own plan. Online undergraduate students can continue to work closely with professors to achieve the best possible education.

2.General introduction MCA Institute.

Established in 2001, the Malta College of Arts, Sciences and Technology (MCAST) is the country's leading vocational education and training institution. Through three colleges and six institutes, MCAST offers 180 full-time courses and over 300 part-time courses at levels from certificate to master's degree. MCAST is considered the 2nd school in Malta, after the University of Malta and ranked 7050 in the world.


At MCAST, besides the indigenous students, there are also hundreds of students from European and American countries studying. Students benefit from a strong career-oriented environment and practical applications. Besides, MCAST always has rich sports activities, including football, table tennis, basketball, tennis, swimming ...

Available Courses:
!.Training industry.

At MCAST, students can find courses for any desired career, from art, engineering, technology, health, journalism, business, finance, design, environment, Software IT, beauty, MCAST always encourages students to innovate and propose new courses to suit practical requirements.

!.Business Association.

In Malta, MCAST is the leading school in supporting small and medium enterprises, through internship programs, short training programs, and business ventures.
Studying at MCAST, students have the opportunity to practice not only on campus but also at local factories, companies, manufacturing facilities as well as in many other European countries.

*Our Plans*

AMEC is an authorized enrollment representative for over 250 prestigious International Education Institutions, high schools, colleges and universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China ... Since its foundation, AMEC has made procedures for hundreds of international students to study programs such as foreign language training, summer school, high school, college, university, master and doctorate.

3.Institute of Tourism Studies Malta.

Malta is a famous European travel destination, in which the hospitality industry is considered its strength with a total contribution to GDP of over 27% and more than 50,000 jobs in Malta. Graduates of the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) have a 98% success rate when looking for jobs in Malta and in other countries.

Universities & Institutes of Malta

 It's Academy.

ITS was founded in 1987, is a college specializing in culinary, tourism and hospitality in Malta. ITS has more than 700 students, including Malta and international students from France, Poland, Nigeria, Jordan, Turkey ... Studying at ITS Academy, international students enjoy the benefit of the combined friendliness of local students who share cultural experiences and the opportunity to practice other languages.


The school consists of 3 campuses, including restaurant and practice kitchen. Through pioneering training programs, ITS equips students with not only knowledge, skills but also development capacity in the tourism industry.
At ITS Academy, hands-on practice is considered a core element. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world visit Malta, many of whom also visit ITS's on-site restaurants, so students experience an international working environment.

4.Saint Martin University(SMI).

 Saint Martin University was founded in 1985, is a high-quality educational institute in Malta. Based on the needs of human resources for computer and communications technology, Saint Martin University is a well-known university for the quality of technology and computer science in Malta. To be approved for establishment and development as the present, Saint Martin University has spent 5 consecutive years of examining and submitting the project and demonstrating the ability to train with the University of Malta to be able to be a license for training in computer science and network. It can be said that every educational force of Saint Martin University is a testament to the excellent quality of this university.

Universities & Institutes of Malta


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