Malta Best Place for cheesecakes
Malta Best Place for cheesecakes.

what decisions that hard! Of all the difficult choices that had to do in my life: between stay live in England or to nerħilha to Malta, between honest career or a life of crime (OK, the last one was an easy choice: either I'm able nobrom biscuit and ndaħħalha kiss I shall examine in bed without a trace particles); this is certainly the most difficult. Naqbad where to start?

Firstly, for those who have never visited the islands and then never tasted the cheesecakes, will explain what these delicious jewelry Maltese cuisine.

Imagine the most delicate and crunchy pastry ever doubt your life. The dough cheesecakes when tigdimha crushed and melted in your mouth when you start chewing. Sign much about this legendary recipe made from dough, so many comparing it with the Greek filo or puff French tricky, but good dough cheesecakes are unique and different from both and like them simultaneously. OK, resembles somewhat the filo pastry, but much more is more crunchy and rich.

The cheesecakes are filled b'piżelli dried and crushed or ricotta. The filling must be hot - so that lsienek inadvertently pulled back too much pain to complete and then return in place to continue to absorb the delicious torture.

Because they are so delicious and inexpensive (30 cents each!), The cheesecakes have eaten at any time of day and occasion. Do you need a quick breakfast?  Shortly before noon? Cheesecakes. Light lunch at noon? Evening? Cheesecakes. The cheesecakes are part of the Maltese identity as much as attendance at churches and voting in general elections. Therefore, Malta find Pastizzeria (of cheesecakes shop) almost every corner, something of a temptation too much for my tastes and flavors and a shock to the waist!

Therefore, on behalf of the research, although somewhat difficult, kilt the cheesecakes from the vast majority of pastizzeriji Malta so I can present to my scientific classification Maltese cheesecakes (are expecting that this research is published, but the University is refusing to answer my requests!).

The Gold Medal: Crystal Palace, situated just outside Mdina. This shop is my favorite cheesecake. It is the Maltese typical tea shop that serves a local version of tea (served with plenty of milk glass) to an almost exclusive clientele of men - men fortunate I have to say because they have a chance to eat these delicious cheesecakes relying on reading the local newspapers. The cheesecakes Crystal Palace shatter rather than crisp, while the filling is quite generous. The variety of peas is delicious and rich, but I have something special for peas, then I can say that I'm somewhat biased in that regard. Kulhom Ixtrihom and while still hot - this is crucial because there is nothing worse than a cold or heated cheesecake again; but from this place, and it certainly is not a problem, because the fire burn cheesecakes sold here directly from the tin or have already left! The cheesecakes Crystal Palace seized immediately.

The Silver Medal: The Maxim Island. Unlike the Crystal Palace, I have just spoken to above, this is not cheesecakes shop tea shop and, therefore, offers a greater variety of foods. You can buy pizza by the slice (delicious), sausage wrapped in pastry (delicious), meat pies (delicious ... gets what I say?) And all kinds of oily goodness. But here we are talking about cheesecakes and this place makes very good and also in huge quantities.

Malta Best Place for cheesecakes