Carnival Celebrations in Europe and Malta
February marks the period of carnivals in Europe.

A traditional celebration that allows everyone to become someone else during the festivities. Through our tourist circuits, we take you to discover the most popular carnivals in Europe: Venice, Madeira, and Malta. During your carnival-themed stay, you can admire fabulous parades and parade floats. If you have not already done so, prepare your best costume and mask to join in the fun, because this unmissable event rhymes above all with fun.
The Malta Carnival.

The carnival of Malta is a tradition of 6 centuries (dating back to the occupation of the islands by the Knights of St. John) and it is the most colorful event of the year. During this colorful event, people wear bright costumes, make great parades of colorful floats and music groups along the historic streets. This creates a joyful atmosphere of feelings of freedom and genuine happiness.

Malta carnival events.

The Malta Carnival has been celebrated since 1535 or even since the end of the 15th century, making it one of the oldest carnivals in Europe. It was originally confined to Valletta, but is now celebrated almost everywhere on the island of Malta and even on Gozo during the days before the start of Lent. Parades are organized in Valletta and in the nearby town of Floriana.

A festival of songs, dances, music, theater, parades and brass bands, an explosion of costumes and tanks in bright colors. Highlights of the carnival: a big costume ball, and a big final parade in Floriana, crowned by a fireworks display on the Marsamxett port, on the island of Malta.
Marvel at the Malta Carnival.

Celebrated since the end of the 15th Valletta carnival 2 March 2104 Photo by Darrin Zammit Lupi MANDATORY CREDIT century, making it one of the oldest carnivals in Europe, the Malta Carnival is obviously one of the unmissable festive events of the 'Isle.

The popular festival celebrated everywhere on the island of Malta and even on Gozo with incredible enthusiasm, the Carnival is a unique opportunity to discover the Maltese traditions in an exceptional setting.

Parades, costumes, floats decorated with a thousand colors, music, dances, marching bands, costume ball, fireworks, all the elements are present so that you keep unforgettable memories.

carnival-Valletta-2015-56 If the fever spreads all over the archipelago, two very distinct atmospheres emerge during the festivities:

While the great parades of Valletta and Floriana are very colorful, family-oriented and cheerful… in Nadur (Gozo), Carnival returns to its satirical origins, with strange and grotesque costumes and a rather dark atmosphere in tones reminiscent of Halloween… A unique experience, which also made its reputation. Each place, therefore, has its own atmosphere, a musical and festive atmosphere which will extend for the most revelers until the end of the night in Paceville!

 Heart of the festivities.

Valletta is the heart of the festivities, but you can enjoy carnival all over the island because the towns OR  villages on the island have their own Styles of the festivities. The carnival begins in the morning in the streets and continues until late at night in Paceville, the best place for nightlife in Malta, in its streets, clubs, and bars.

Besides the island of Malta, you can also enjoy the carnival of Nadur, Island of Gozo, where revelers organize their own festivities and organize a big street party. The official celebrations will take place from February 28 to March 5, 2019, when the Il-Karnival ta ‘Malta event will take place.

Student Carnival.

Christian Baptiste, Mayor of the City of Sainte-Anne informs the population that the carnival parade of the city's students entitled "Yenki bitten a nou" will take place on Thursday, February 16, 2017, in the streets of the town from 8:30 am.

The circulation and parking of vehicles will, therefore, be regulated on all lanes used by the parade from 8 a.m. until the end of the event.

Carnival in Malta, Valletta, Gozo, Italy.

The Carnival of the Maltese or the Great Catastrophic Tradition from The Magistrate Piero de Ponte in Pres. Provide three pre-loaded posts and granular defenses with a carnival platform on the Valletta, a balcony with an overlaying suit, a mascara and a bouncy mask.

Colonized by several nations over the centuries, Malta naturally inherited some traditions from each of them, including the custom introduced by Italians to celebrate Carnival in February, the weekend before Ash Wednesday - something that, as we well know, Brazil does it with excellence. In Malta, the “Carnival”, as it is called, is also celebrated and you cannot miss the opportunity.

Of the three islands inhabited in the archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, two of them have expressive programming. The main celebrations take place in Malta, this year from February 24th to 28th, when the population will occupy the historic streets to accompany the parades of costumes, giant dolls, and masks, in the Italian style.
If you want something a little more intense, you can visit Nadur, on the island of Gozo, where Carnival looks more macabre and fun. Throughout Europe, Carnival has been celebrated for centuries, which does not stop you from always finding Brazilians promoting or simply having fun as they are used to. In Malta, it is no different.
Maltese Carnival has been celebrated since the 15th century and is therefore very traditional - less spree, as in Brazil, and more celebration. In addition, dozens of attractions are planned, such as the famous “marching bands”, bands that walk through the alleys and streets making the party with their music.

Carnival Mask.

Italy Carnivals.