Feast Of Frawley - Culinary festivals and events

Culinary festivals and events

Food plays a very important role in Maltese society. For some, this is just a necessity, but for most, it is still an occasion for meetings and celebrations of events that bring people together, and, of course, an occasion to treat yourself! So what events are worth attending?

L-Imnarja (L-Imnarja) 

the celebration of the day of Saints Peter and Paul, one of the most revered events in Malta. Visit Buskett Park, Malta's beautiful wooded area, and enjoy a variety of delicacies, especially rabbit dishes.

Hamrun Chocolate Festival: that’s it - go to Hamrun, eat chocolate! This fairly new event is very popular among locals. And you can fully enjoy professionally executed chocolate sculptures, take part in chocolate cake eating competitions and try a variety of chocolate goodies.

Biggest (Birgufest):

 The theme of this holiday is not food, but the food is precisely its integral part. For two consecutive nights, this beautiful medieval city turns off all electric lights, and candles are lit to replace it. The atmosphere of this holiday is unique - museums and other institutions work until late, live music concerts are held on the main square, and, of course, the abundance of refreshments pleases. And this is not just food, but traditional Maltese dishes, including fried pig, offal roast and tympanum (pasta casserole with meat sauce in pastry) and much more.

Qormi Bread Festival:

 This is also a very recent addition to the cultural events calendar. Every year, residents of Ormi celebrate a bread festival - and, as you know, the best bakers live in Ormi. Watch how bakers make the dough and bake traditional Maltese bread in wood-fired ovens, and feel free to try it!

Farsons Great Beer Festival:

This annual event, hosted by the Maltese brewery Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, is a real celebration for beer and food lovers. It features traditional Maltese food, as well as other instant food, and, of course, beer!

Strawberry Festival (Festa Frawley): 

Thousands of strawberry lovers gather in this small village in the north of Mġarr Island. At this festival, an attempt was made to break the world record for baking the largest strawberry cake. You will find many strawberry desserts, drinks, ice cream, and, of course, the very culprit of the festival - strawberries!